Arkansas District Court Clerks Association

Benefits of Joining


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certification program

The Association offers an optional certification program that is designed to increase the knowledge of all district court clerks
by providing basic information about duties and procedural issues that commonly confront district court personnel.  The
Association promotes public trust in district courts, leadership through professional development and customer-oriented justice. 

vote at business meetings

As a member you are entitled to the right to vote on matters pertaining to the operations and business of the Association.  You will also
be eligible to hold an office as a member of the Board and on various committees.  Your involvement can help ensure that members are
getting the most out of the Association. 

planning of conferences and meetings

As a member, you have an opportunity to voice your interests to help guide future educational decisions.  The Association supports membership engagement to provide
greater access to resources, different perspectives and more diversity into the planning of conferences and meetings.